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By Nick Smirnoff

Wind damage at Triassic Vineyards

The Loop's Local Scene


December 21, 2019

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA)

Two days of high winds in the Cummings Valley area, sustained in the high 20 mph range and with gusts recorded nearing 60 mph at times, left in its wake an assortment of damage to Triassic Vineyards. A 3,000 gallon empty water tank was blown off its footings from a neighboring home the night of Dec. 17 and was carried by the winds across Hwy. 202 through a wooden fence and into Triassic Vineyards’ vineyard. No one was injured but removal will be difficult without damaging the vines. The tank’s twin can still be seen sitting on the property from which this one blew.


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