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By Pat Doody 

Hall Ambulance answers Christmas request


December 21, 2019

Pat Doody

Nine-year-old Nick with (from left) EMT Scott Walters, Jed Hannan, Siren, Santa, Samantha (mother), Betsy Hannan and EMTs Brian Cote and Taylor Perrone.

Nine-year-old Tehachapi resident, Nick Makroglous, has loved all things related to ambulances, EMS and public safety since he was one-and-a-half. His mother, Samantha, said, "When he was very young, he was adamant about dressing his own cuts and scrapes, and if someone in the family gets hurt, Nick is the first to assess the situation and help."

Most birthdays and Halloweens have been centered around an ambulance, fire, police or military theme. Nick has also been known to deliver baked goods and goodies to local fire and ambulance stations. This year, he asked his mother for a toy Hall Ambulance for Christmas. Samantha reached out to Hall Ambulance to see if such a thing existed and that request resulted in an invitation to tour Hall Ambulance's Post 11 on Thursday, Dec. 19.

Nick, a homeschooled student, and his mother were joined by her parents Jed and Betsy Hannan for the tour. EMT Scott Walters gave the family a tour of the facility showing them where the EMTs spend their down-time and where equipment is stored. All were then ushered outdoors where Nick was given an up-close-and-personal tour of one of Hall's bright orange 4X4 ambulances. Siren the Rescue Dog arrived and presented Nick with a stuffed version of himself much to Nick's delight. EMT Walters then presented Nick with a certificate naming him a Junior Hall Ambulance Paramedic.

However, the biggest surprise of all came when the sound of jingle bells announced the arrival of Santa Claus who presented Nick with a box containing a toy model of the Hall Ambulance he had been touring, the Christmas gift he had wished for. Following hugs and "thank yous," Nick was given a chance to climb into the driver's seat, with Santa by his side, and try out the ambulance siren.

It was a future paramedic's dream come true.


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