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By Jon Hammond
Land of Four Seasons 

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Dr. Stephen Cappanari, 1947


October 26, 2019

Jon Hammond

"The Kawaiisu set up temporary camps for gathering acorns and pinyons, and these were surrounded by circular brush structures approximately thirty feet in diameter. These bulwarks were very simply constructed of white fir tree branches – puu-gu-SIV-ah – reinforced with heaps of sagebrush about four feet high. They served as windbreaks."

Jon Hammond

White Fir

– Dr. Stephen Cappanari, 1947

White Fir is one of the main conifer species found in the Tehachapi Mountains. A bed of White-Fir boughs was John Muir's favorite choice when camping, because the soft needles are rounded, not sharp and poky, and the foliage has the unmistakably pleasant, citrus-like smell of a Christmas tree. Combined with the fresh and pungent scent of Great Basin sagebrush, these harvesting shelters would have been wonderfully aromatic windbreaks.


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