Adopting a kitten is an adventure


September 28, 2019

Photo provided

Danielle Martin with her kitten Kira.

Adopting a kitten is an adventure, not to mention a huge responsibility. Planned or not, there's probably nothing better than bringing home a rambunctious, wide-eyed, ball of fluff. (Who's really rescuing who?) When considering adoption, it's always good to do your research and brush up on the basics, whether it's your first kitten or you have lots of experience. Keeping your new family member safe and happy will take patience and planning, but your efforts will pay off as your tiny friend grows into a confident and affectionate kitty. In my case, I found the perfect little baby at a local rescue organization. Once I held the tiny bundle of fur, there was no way I could say no. So my little Kira came home with me.

Photo provided

Danielle Martin's kitten Kira.

As obvious as it sounds, it's important to have all the necessary basic kitten supplies at home. A carrier, litter box, litter, toys, dishes and some good quality, high protein kitten food (wet and dry) are essential. If you want to change your kitten's initial diet, it's best to do it gradually. Otherwise, you may experience the wrath of diarrhea. In addition, it's best to feed your little monster three times a day until she's about six months old, since kittens are growing machines. Pheromone spray is also a good tool to help comfort your new baby in her crate and new home. Personally, I kitten-proofed one room to slowly introduce Kira to her new home. I hid ant traps, decorations, cords, and anything that might be harmful. I very slowly introduced Kira to our dog. They smelled each other through the door, then slowly came face to face. Now they're good buddies! Your kitten may take a while to warm up but once she does, get ready for endless energy and curiosity.

If possible, it's good to try to get an idea of your kitten's background. For me, it was important to find one that was raised around dogs, since she would have to live with one in our home. It's good to know your kitten's medical background, such as her vaccination and check up history. I chose a fantastic local rescue that had her up-to-date on shots and made sure she was already spayed. I also found her a good vet and got her a check up within the first week I had her, as well as to make sure I knew when she needed her next round of vaccines.

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Watching Kira grow has been incredibly rewarding. She's the best little buddy I could ask for! These are just the basics for bringing a sweet, crazy kitten home. For more tips and information on pet ownership, call or stop by Canine Creek, (661) 822-0307. Also, take advantage of our promo and get a FREE 16 pound bag of cat litter with a purchase of NutriSource cat food!


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