Pioneer True Value Home Center vows


August 31, 2019

A recent conversation took place between two neighbors. A woman told her friend that she had an errand to run but she wasn’t sure how long it would take. She asked her friend that if it got too late if she would take her dog out for a walk and feed him. And, if she didn’t get back until tomorrow later in the afternoon, if she would please get her mail? The neighbor said sure but asked where she was going? The woman replied, “I’m going to a big box store and I’m sure they are going to make me use the self-check out.”

We at Pioneer True Value Home Center have vowed never to have self-checkout at our store. We also vow to have sales staff available to help customers successfully complete their projects. Customers appreciate the individual attention and how quickly they can get what they need here. And, they appreciate our great prices. We had a customer ask if we had PVC couplings as the store he was getting his from had run out. He asked if we could match their price. We said sure, but do you really want to pay $.80 more per each? He needed ten and saved $8.00!

Pioneer True Value Home Center practices extreme hardware. We have the products you need for our community as well as offer many services such as key duplication, including remote start and electronic keys for cars, rekey Kwikset and Schlage door locks, sharpen knives, scissors, clippers, garden tools and other items, cut and thread pipe from 1/2” up to 2”, cut glass, rescreen and make new screens.

We have one-yard mixers of concrete and delivery of bulk sand, gravel and decorative rock is available. People are always amazed at the breadth of products we carry. Come by and see for yourself at 20901 South St., Tehachapi.


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