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Letter from Bella

Letters from Camp


August 31, 2019

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Vet Friends Foundation operates Camp Golden Years, "Ole Dog Bootcamp," which was established at the Marley's Mutts Ranch in Tehachapi in 2018. It serves as a temporary base for senior shelter dog recruits to thrive and receive any necessary medical care until they meet their forever families. So far the foundation has rescued and placed more than 130 senior dogs and has roughly 30 seniors living out their last days with loving veteran families all across the United States. Enjoy this letter from one of their "campers."

My name is Bella and I'm a 15 years young Italian Greyhound. I heard you've been asking why a sweet little thing like me ended up at Camp Golden Years. Well, to be honest, I'm not quite sure myself. I do remember my mom, who I loved very much, didn't come home one day. I was very worried about where she could be and had to spend a few days alone in our house. Luckily some of our neighbors would stop by and give me food and pets so I wasn't so lonely. Before I knew it, I was on my way to this place called "the shelter". Just before I got there a nice family picked me up and brought me to this place called camp. It's this funny place where myself and about 15 other ole doggies like me get to run the show. We have a few couches, get to take as many naps as we want and have people come by to give us treats and pets. And you know what?! The food isn't half bad! And I looooove food! In fact they call me the camp chow hound. But as much as I love the food here, I really would love having my very own home again. I promise to be a very sweet girl for as long as I can. You can even put me in goofy sweaters as long as it means I'm yours.

For more information on adopting, fostering or volunteering go to or follow Camp Golden Years on Facebook and Instagram.

Look for more "Letters from Camp" in future editions of The Loop.


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