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The connection between art classes and good health

Cerro Coso's Coyote Corner


August 3, 2019

Photo provided

Cerro Coso student painting.

Looking for a new hobby, connection, or interested in learning something new? Believe it or not, choosing to take an art or music college class is great for your overall health.

Rhythmic, creative activities such as ceramics, music engagement, visual arts and drawing have positive effects on individual's physical and mental health.

"Once, I took a community college drawing class," said Director Lisa Stephens. "Initially, I was concerned that I had no artistic talent, or would not do well. The drawings that were produced during that semester were no Vincent van Goh creations, but the experience was eye-opening and useful,"

Here's why:

Stress Reducer - research has shown that creating visual art can reduce stress and promote relaxation, even if you grade yourself as average or a below average artist. The next time you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, try breaking out some paper, glitter, glue and other random household office supplies and create a personal masterpiece, even though you might protest and say to yourself, "I'm not an artist!"

A Good Distraction – when focusing on a ceramics project, or painting something abstract, it is hard to dwell on troubles once in the flow of the creation. You become engaged, focused in the moment of inspiration and creativity.

Creates Happiness - we all have the creative instinct, some more than others. Repetitive creative motions activate the flow – the state you get in when completely absorbed into something. When the flow is running, your brain is flooded with dopamine, the feel good chemical that helps with motivation and produces a feeling of happiness. Listening to music elevates your mood, whether is it classical or modern. Why not learn about the history of music and create a deeper connection to those tunes?

Are you ready to tap into your creative energy and possibly improve your overall health, locally? You're in luck! Engage those creative urges and enroll in our upcoming Ceramic (ART C141), Drawing (ART C121) and/or Music Appreciation (MUSC C101) courses at Cerro Coso Community College, Tehachapi. Classes start the week of Aug. 26, so don't delay! Call Cerro Coso Community College, Tehachapi at (661) 823-4986 for inspiration and information, and register today!


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