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By Pat Doody 

Tehachapi Blvd. resurfacing and our national motto discussed

Tehachapi City Council Update


July 20, 2019

Pat Doody

Rev. Angelo Frazier with Attorney Brandon Martin and Councilmember Kenneth Hetge.

Tehachapi Blvd. resurfacing

In partnership with CalTrans, the ongoing project of resurfacing Tehachapi Blvd. will continue this summer with the reconstruction of the lanes between Curry St. and Hayes St. Public Works Director Don Marsh announced that the bid was awarded to Granite Construction who submitted the lowest bid of $481,446. The project is paid for through the Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) although the City is required to cover all costs above $441,200. The City has budgeted $43,000 for the project with any remaining match to be covered by SB1 (gas tax) grant funds.

Carl Gericke who is on the Mountain Festival Committee expressed concern about the timing of the project as the cars for Thunder on the Mountain car show will be brought in through Tehachapi Blvd. Marsh said that the City has planned for the bulk of the work to occur after hours eliminating much of the inconvenience and saving money. He assured Gericke that the Car Show would not be affected.

"In God We Trust"

Councilmember Kenneth Hetge brought several items before the council and one was unanimously voted by the council to be brought back as an agenda item at their next meeting. Hetge introduced Rev. Angelo Frazier, a pastor from Bakersfield and Volunteer Chaplain of the Bakersfield Police Department.

He told the council of a discussion he had with Houston, Tex. officers on a trip to Houston following Hurricane Harvey. The officers showed him their vehicles which displayed the decals "IN GOD WE TRUST" and related how the decals had raised the morale of the community. Frazier said that over the past few years he has found similar stories from officers and firefighters in Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, Florida and Missouri.

"In God We Trust is our national motto," he said, "adopted by Congress in 1956. It is on our money and it is now being displayed in nearly 700 city and county chambers across this great land, including 136 municipalities in California."

He urged the Council to consider Councilman Hetge's request to look into what it would take to reinstate the words "In God We Trust" on all Tehachapi Police Department vehicles that are used for policing activities in the community. Hetge added that the program has the support of Congressman Kevin McCarthy and District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, among others.

Although voting for agendizing the item, Councilman Mike Davies expressed concern that Tehachapi could be "punished" by Sacramento in retaliation for adopting the measure.

Tehachapi City Council meetings are held the first and third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Wells Education Center, 300 S. Robinson St.


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