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Land of Four Seasons


July 20, 2019

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"We have so many different habitat types in the Tehachapi Mountains, and our Christmas Bird Counts and other birding field trips have shown that at any given time of the year, there are about 115 different bird species in the Tehachapi area." -- Clark Moore. The late Clark Moore was a lifelong birder (he identified his first bird, an Evening Grosbeak, on his own in 1937 at Strawberry Lake in the Sierra Nevadas) who, along with his wife Jean, led birding efforts in the Tehachapi area for many years.

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"Really hot days are hard on apple trees, and that's one of the reasons why apples tend to do better up in Tehachapi than they do down in the San Joaquin Valley. Even here we use an average of 35 to 40 gallons of water per tree per day during a hot summer." -- Warren Ramay, Tehachapi apple grower


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