Letter from 'Rad' at Camp Golden Years

Letters from Camp


July 20, 2019

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'Rad' shares his experiences from camp.

Senior Recruit Comrade here to give the report from Outpost Rickels, one of the current foster homes that helps support Camp Golden Years. I am a 14-year-old Beagle/Supermutt that goes by the call sign "Rad" at my outpost.

Before I came to Camp, I was down on my luck and picked up by the pound as a stray on the streets of Bakersfield for the second time in my life. I really hit rock bottom and my family didn't come to bail me out the second time I got caught. I'm microchipped and neutered and I wasn't doing anything wrong, just minding my own business. I am a good boy. I promise!

When Mr. Joel Rockey found me in my kennel at the pound, he looked right at me and said, "You deserve a chance, Buddy!" The next thing I knew, I was on my freedom walk out of the joint and ridin' shotgun up to the Rescue Ranch for Boot Camp, where I've gotten all my vaccinations and a check-up at the doctor.

I don’t have any medical issues aside from the start of cataracts and I need to do a better job taking care of my teeth.

I’m also getting all kinds of Special Forces training at camp to prepare me for my next home. I was recently reassigned duty stations from the main camp to the outpost where I’m learning tactical family skills.

My main job at the outpost is to help supervise the small human and make sure he’s loved. Boy, I love kids! My secondary role is to supervise the cook while she’s in the kitchen and recon any bits of food that may fall on the floor during her mission. I could be wrong, but I think she spills them on purpose for me and pretends it was an accident. Further investigation is needed there.

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My foster mom and dad are known as Drool Sergeants and they take really good care of me with the support of the donations that are made to Vet Friends Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with Marley’s Mutts to operate the Camp Golden Years Ole Dog Boot Camp. I get really good food, medical care, toys and all the supplies I need to be healthy and happy because of the amazing people that support us.

My Drool Sergeants can’t figure out why I haven’t found my forever home yet. They say that I am the best recruit ever, so great with children of all ages and I have never had any problems with the other animals at camp. I even think the cat is awesome!

They say I’m very quiet and calm and are proud of me for never having accidents inside the house. They love my underbite smile and how much I love being near them. They think I would be amazing in any home, but I’d be excited if a veteran adopted me because I would continue to get my medical benefits as a CGY retiree.

I don’t want to deter any applicants so anyone, veteran or civilian, with a loving, safe home is welcome to apply for my adoption at http://www.vetfriends.org/the-recruits.html.

I hope to see your application soon so we can make a date for a meet and greet! If you’d like to see the other recruits awaiting assignments or to sign up to foster or become a Drool Sergeant, go to http://www.vetfriends.org

With love,

Petty Officer Comrade

Vet Friends Foundation operates Camp Golden Years, ”Ole Dog Bootcamp,” which was established at the Marley’s Mutts Ranch in Tehachapi in 2018. It serves as a temporary base for senior shelter dog recruits to thrive and receive any necessary medical care until they meet their forever families. So far the foundation has rescued and placed more than 130 senior dogs and has roughly 30 seniors living out their last days with loving veteran families all across the United States. Enjoy this letter from one of their “campers.” Look for “Letters from Camp” in future editions of The Loop or check out Camp Golden Years on Facebook and Instagram.


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