Public Health encourages community to report unpermitted food vendors


July 6, 2019

Kern County Public Health Services asks residents to help us protect the health of our community from foodborne illness. Each year, one in six Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated food. Foodborne illness is a common, yet preventable, public health problem. To help prevent foodborne illness, we encourage everyone to “look for the sticker” and report unpermitted food vendors.

All facilities that sell food to the public must obtain a health permit. Restaurants have a letter grade in their window and mobile food vendors have a sticker affixed to their vehicle or cart. Health inspectors from our Environmental Health Division perform regular inspections at all permitted food facilities throughout the County. The purpose of health inspections is to ensure that food is prepared and handled safely with a goal of preventing foodborne illness. Vendors that sell food without a permit or a sticker have not been vetted for food safety. These unpermitted vendors potentially use unsafe food practices and risk making our community sick through foodborne illness.

Vendors operating without a permit should be reported to the Environmental Health Division using the free smart phone app called “Safe Diner” or by calling (661) 321-3000. This app allows people to submit a complaint if they see something concerning in a food facility.

“Protect your loved ones from potential illness,” said Matt Constantine, director of Public Health Services. “Keep us informed of potentially unsafe conditions by submitting a complaint and prompting us to investigate.” The app also allows residents to make informed dining decisions by providing access to the latest health inspection reports on their favorite eateries.

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