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Mountain Tales: First-hand stories of life in Tehachapi


June 22, 2019

Jon Hammond

"The first time I came to Tehachapi was in the 1930s when we came up to buy apples. There was an underground apple storage place on C Street, just down from Curry Street and Farmers Supply (now Mountain Gardens Nursery), in the area of the old garment factory (the new Tehachapi Police station) and Carroll Development's storage yard on C Street and Pauley. You would drive through with a wagon and dump the apples in bins and then drive out the other side. There was an old winter variety of apple called a Winter Pearmain. It smelled more like an apple than an apple does. It was greenish, not too pretty an apple, but a good cooker and a good keeper and a great smeller. The apple growers always raised some of those and they always wanted to hang onto those Winter Pearmain – they would store them down in that underground cellar, and they'd put them right in front, as you first drove down into there. They didn't want to sell them because if a buyer came through and they took him down to show him the apples, the first thing they got was this bouquet of Winter Pearmain that smelled wonderfully of apples! There are tricks to all trades. . ."

– Brad Krauter


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