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By Midge Lyndee
Book Review 

Wedded bliss

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June 8, 2019

Traditionally, June is wedding month. Probably because the school year ends, vacations start, weather is good and flowers are abundant. A wedding must have flowers!

There are so many wedding themed books. Some pretty good, some not. Personally, I've been a bridesmaid in at least two dozens weddings, and each wedding was different. Some pretty good, some not, if you get my drift.

I love the wedding toward the end of "Under the Tuscan Sun" by travel writer Frances Mayes. Most of the book speaks of finding the property, repairing the property and then of Frances finding herself. It's definitely a bonus at the end to be a part of a wedding in her restored Italian garden. The whole process fills everyone with hope.

There are six books in the Cobblestone Street series by Cynthia Rylant. I've always been a fan of Rylant's picture books. She fills this series with the same whimsy and joy. "Wedding Flowers'" takes place on Cobble Street with the three young characters chosen as Aunt Lucy's bridesmaids. Lily, Tess and Rosie vow to make this the happiest wedding ever.

Of course, all weddings are not happy occasions. "The Bride of Frankenstein" by Elizabeth Hand can vouch for that. She brings the Frankenstein story into the 21st century with all the traditional gruesome twists and more.

You might be surprised there are actually dozens of Frankenstein's Bride books, from Mary Shelley herself to a whole bouquet of other dark authors. Readers beware. They are not the typical June wedding faire.

For romance, I'd go with "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks, especially if you have been married 20 years or so already, or hope to be. Their daughter is getting married, while her parents are drifting apart. The story, seen through the husband's eyes, gives the reader a different perspective of the many obstacles to maintaining long term wedded bliss. The ugly, the bad and most importantly the good.

"The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party" brings us back to the writings of Alexander McCall Smith and my favorite, Precious Ramotswe. In this slice of life in Botswana, the characters spend their time in a quandary of activities and mysteries, making the book less about a wedding and more about detecting. Just how I like it! Just as long as there is wedding cake at the end.

Which brings me to the last book of this review, "Wedding Cake" by Josi S. Kilpatrick. This story includes mystery, intrigue, fear, terror and of course, cake. I've been advised that it's best to read the first 11 books in this Culinary Mystery series because Ms. Kilpatrick ties in old characters and themes, so in reading "Wedding Cake" the reader will have fuller context and continuity. But those of us who love wedding cake may not want to wait.

Yes...I do sometimes eat my dessert before dinner, too!

Good books.

Good reading.

*Midge Lyn'dee is a fictional character used for the purpose of entertainment though the reviews are real and sincere.


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