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Maypole event at the Library

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May 11, 2019

Tehachapi Branch Library

All done, posing with Frances Heywood, the teacher. Dancers in no particular order: Jacqueline Torres, Paige Hammill, Mikayla McLaws, Bethany Fouts, Kaylee Fouts, Emilyn Fouts, McKenna Chambers, Morgan Chambers, Emily Warner, Robyn Warner, Sara Warner and Gabby Baird.

On Wednesday, May 1, the Tehachapi Library celebrated Spring on May Day with a Maypole event. Retired dance teacher, Frances Heywood, taught and directed the designated Maypole dancers, who performed for the group, weaving the beautiful ribbons into an intricate design. We had 12 dancers and afterwards the children made beautiful flower crowns.

Pat Doody

Young girls from the community learned about the traditions of the Maypole dance at the Tehachapi Library on May 1. The ceremonial folk dance is performed around a tall decorated pole and hung with ribbons that are woven into complex patterns by the dancers. The dances are revivals of ancient dances around a living tree as part of spring rites to ensure nature's fertility.


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