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April 27, 2019

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"I can't lay an egg, but I know a rotten one when I see it." - Bill Mead. The Tehachapi News publisher said as he took a lengthy article submitted by an unsuccessful Bakersfield politician and tossed it in the direction of his wastebasket.

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Nuwä (Kawaiisu) women would say this with pleasure in Spring when warming temperatures brought forth new grass, signaling an end to the lean times of winter and the coming of a variety of fresh food plants. "All day the snow was in sight on the butte of the mountain, which frowned down upon us on the right; but we beheld it now with feeling of pleasant security, as we rode between green trees and on flowers..." - John C. Fremont. This is a portion of the explorer Fremont's narrative as he describes traveling up through Tehachapi Pass on April 14, 1844. He was coming up from the Caliente area, and "the butte" he is referencing "on the right" is very likely Bear Mountain.


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