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Land of Four Seasons


March 30, 2019

Jon Hammond

"The archeology and the artifacts are neat, but it's the Indian culture and the living people that are the real treasure, and sometimes we forget that." - Archeologist Al Knight discussing research on the Kawaiisu Indian people of Tehachapi

Jon Hammond

"I live up on Deertrail Drive, and I use second gear instead of fourth gear coming down the hill in my truck. I timed it and compared the times, and it only took about a minute longer to use second gear and it sure saved on my brakes. I follow people down the hill all the time who don't downshift, and their brakes lights are on the whole way and you can smell their brakes burning when they reach the bottom." - Kenny Hignite, Tehachapi plumber and one of the original residents of Bear Valley Springs discussing how some people drive foolishly down steep hills.


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