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By Tina Fisher Cunningham
Fisher Forde Media 

Cool information from the Ag Expo

The Forde Files No. 187


March 30, 2019

Tina Fisher Cunningham

Learned at the recent Ag (Agriculture) Expo at Tulare:

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is a national nonprofit organization of legal professionals and law students who work to protect animals through the legal system. It provides pro bono services in cases involving animal hoarding and puppy mills and organized animal fighting, maintains an animal cruelty data base, does legal research for attorneys and provides abuse/neglect/hoarding training programs.

Ninety percent of endangered species in California live on privately owned land. (California Farm Bureau)

The website will tell you what to do if someone is using your personal information. The site provides a free personal recovery plan that walks you through each step; enables you to update your plan and track the progress; has pre-filled letters and forms.

Tina Fisher Cunningham

The products certifiable for the Certified Farmer's Market Program are fresh fruit and vegetables, shell eggs, honey, flowers and nursery stock.

The top 10 new products at the Ag Expo were an a wide trellis pre-pruner, a vacuum machine that sucks the fruit from a bucket and sends it to a bin; a plastic floor to improve calf safety; a tire seal and pumping system; a self-loading wrapped silage bale mover; a system of hydraulic floor slats that unload a truck; a genetic test that reveals the capability of female cows to respond to disease; a low profile cab for harvesting in orchards with low-hanging, tough branches, and a wireless irrigation valve controller.

Scrap metal theft is a big rural crime.


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