By Nick Smirnoff

TMAC self-defense seminar

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March 30, 2019

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA)

Martial Arts Instructor Maria Jadric shows a student how to break away from a wrist hold.

A weekend workshop devoted to self-defense for old and young alike was held at the Tehachapi Martial Arts Center in Old Town. Children were taught how to handle bullying threats by Master Derek Demus. Women were taught basic survival skills from visiting instructor Master Trina Pellegrini, who conducts her survival workshops around the world. In all instances both Master Demus and Master Trina stated, "We are here today not to stand and fight your attacker, but to learn the methods of self-defense that will afford you the opportunity of escape and flee."

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA)

Always have your hand open wide and protecting the front of your face .

Saturday afternoon featured a four-hour Combat Hapkido Seminar taught by Grandmaster Ivan Jadric and visiting Grandmaster John Pellegrini.

For more information and a schedule of upcoming events contact TMAC at (661) 823-0621.


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