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The story of Eve


March 30, 2019

The Loop Staff

Eve Geisler.

Hi, my name is Eve Geisler, and I'm going to tell you my life story. I was born in Dayton, Ohio on October. 13. Just happened to be a Friday. I went to a co-op high school where juniors and seniors worked two weeks out of the month and went to school the other two weeks. I was a nurses' aide at a local hospital and decided at that time that I wanted to become a pharmacist.

I was accepted into the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, graduated and completed my qualifications to be a licensed pharmacist. I worked in hospitals and stores while dating my dear husband, Bob. He was also from Dayton and had also gone to the University of Cincinnati and received his degree in chemical engineering.

Bob got a job with the Air Force and made solid rocket fuels, so he was a true rocket scientist. We dated long distance when he was transferred from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton to Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Of course, I joined him after we got married. We had three children – Bill, who lives in Lake Oswego, Ore .; Anne, who lives in Santiago, Chile; and Helen, who lives in Ojai, Calif.

I used to have a pharmacy in the Old Town shopping center called Geisler's Drug Store and decided to become a diabetes educator when I saw how much this education was needed here. I fulfilled all the requirements to be a certified diabetes educator and started teaching classes as well as starting a diabetes support group.

I had to retire from being a pharmacist when my back told me not to stand so much any more. I retired from being a diabetes educator at age 75 since I wasn't quite so sharp any more. After retirement, I filled my time as a volunteer for many organizations in Tehachapi.

I do have an activity that I love doing now. I entertain people with jokes at various restaurants, so if you go to Kelly's on Friday, or Village Grill on Saturday or Henry's Cafe on Sunday – WATCH OUT! – I'll be there.


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