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Friends of the Library Book Sale & Books into Art


March 16, 2019

Photo provided

Some of the many books and artwork that will be for sale on March 30.

Our Tehachapi branch of the Kern County Library has been putting on additional programs with events for children, teens and adults. These include: storytime for preschoolers, various teen fandom events, book clubs for adults and teens, painting events and 3D printing workshops. All of these programs are supported by the Tehachapi Friends of the Library.

You can help support the Friends of the Library by joining with them and volunteering. Another way that people have been supporting the library is by both donating and buying books. The weekly proceeds from the continual book sale (found downstairs) has gone up, but so have donations. And the space available to store all these books is very limited.

So to help open up more room, the Friends of the Library are having one of their bag sales on Saturday, March 30 (one day only) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This sale is going to focus on Adult Fiction and Nonfiction. The way the sale works is, you go in, and get a bag for $3. Then you can fill it with books. Testing shows that you can get 14 or so hardback books into a bag, and paperbacks around 20. So you'll be getting books below the already low price the Friends of the Library charges.

As a new addition to the sale, artistic members are going to be selling artwork made from books (ones that would have sadly gone to be recycled otherwise). The money raised from these works of art will also be going to the Friends of the Library.

As always, there's plenty of opportunity to help the Friends of the Library by helping to move books and other tasks needed before and during the sale. There are many other ways to help, if you'd like to know more contact the Friends of the Library at [email protected] or (661) 750-2818.


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