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Panelists for BVS Cultural Arts Pop-up Book Faire

BVS Cultural Arts Presents


February 2, 2019

On Sunday, Feb. 17, the BVS Cultural Arts Association is hosting a Pop-up Book Faire at the Oak Tree Country Club. It opens at 2:30 p.m. and will have a no-host bar.

A panel will hold a question and answer period and then several authors will work with the public at separate tables.

They have extensive and varied backgrounds so that aspiring authors will have a good cross-section of experience from which to draw – everything from self-publishing to established publishers to even hybrid publishing. These authors are all local. We have a wealth of experience in the Tehachapi area.

Gabriele de Ginant has been writing since her college days. In fact, her first published work was a college project. Since then she has written a variety of books, and has tried all aspects of publishing them. De Ginant has written children’s books and a book about ballet, as well – “Rosabella,” that was made into a film.

She explained to me about hybrid publishing, which might be a route for other aspiring authors. When working with hybrid publishers, the author pays for the printing, but the publisher pays for all the publicity. That is a big load off an author’s shoulders and pocketbook, as well.

Dan Bronson has a huge list of screenwriting credits from his days in Hollywood – close to 30. But before Hollywood, came his teaching background. He was a professor at Prescott College and DePauw University. After he was lured to Hollywood by Jeffrey Katzenberg for Disney, he was mentored by such noteworthy writers as George Seaton, who wrote and directed “Miracle on 34th Street” and by Verna Fields who edited “Jaws.” In Hollywood, Bronson served as a Senior Story Analyst at Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.

He may be best known locally for his book, “The Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody,” which he had published through Backlot Books. He has other books in the works. A recently completed mystery novel, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” will be available soon.

Neill Hicks went in an entirely different direction from our previous two authors, in that he wrote “how-to” manuals. In his words, “They investigate the fundamental traits beneath the surface characteristics of the story to reveal a why-based strategy to create audience confidence.” He has three bestselling books in this genre. Hicks’s books include “Writing the Thriller Novel,” “Writing the Action Adventure Film: The Moment of Truth” and “Screen Writing 101: The Essential Craft of Feature Film Writing.”

Clearly, he has the background to aid you if you are aiming for the entertainment industry.

He has been honored in academia with the outstanding instructor award from the UCLA Writers Program. He also directed a variety of productions on A&E, PBS and the History Channel. And he has conducted seminars in professional writing at numerous universities.

Dr. Craig Luther who received his Ph.D from UC Santa Barbara in 1987, and served as a USAF historian for 27 years, 16 of them at McLellan AFB and 11 more at Edwards AFB. He has, so far, published five books with two more completed and ready to send in.

As you might guess, with his military background, the books tend to deal with war history, particularly, the second world war. His principal works are:

• “Blood and Honor: A History of the 12th SS Panzer-Division Hitler Youth 1943-45,” which is now, actually in its second printing.

• “Barbarossa Unleashed: The German Blitzkreig Through Central Russia To the Gates of Moscow June-December 1941.”

• “The First Day on the Eastern Front: Germany Invades the Soviet Union June 22, 1941,” which he just published last year and won awards.

Dr. Luther has much more to tell you, and if you are into military history, you won’t want to miss his talk.

Another author who is well-known in Tehachapi and nationally, if not internationally, is Lauraine Snelling. Snelling writes Christian fiction, often of a romantic bent. Her books deal with historical fiction around Norwegian immigration and is inspired by her own background. Snelling has written over 80 books with titles such as, “A Heart for Home” and “An Untamed Heart.” She goes through an established publisher, rather than deal with self-publishing and her books are often written in series.

We hope you find all these authors engaging and give you a great cross-section to help you, no matter what direction your writing takes.

Come to the Book Faire on Feb. 17 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. to hear these authors and more. It’s at the Oak Tree Country Club in Bear Valley Springs, 29500 Lower Valley Rd. For more information or for a gate pass, contact Andi Hicks at (818) 427-5650.


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