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Plant that tree!

Mountain Gardens Nursery


December 8, 2018

Photo provided

Excela Western Red Cedar.

Well, its the holiday season and time to start thinking about Christmas again! I am writing this article to let people know how to care for a living Christmas tree and how easy it is. Here are some tips.

(1) Use a large saucer to catch drips and save the carpet.

2) Water and let dry before bringing inside.

3) Bring in approximately 10-14 days before Christmas.

4) Place in a cool location, away from heater vents.

5) Water the tree with ice cubes in the pot about every other day while inside. Decorate with low heat mini tree lights.

6) Put it in the garage for a couple days before planting if it is really cold, so it gets used to the weather before going outside.

7) Plant as soon after Christmas as you can in a square hole and water thoroughly.

8) If your tree is balled and burlap, do not remove the burlap bag. Serious damage will happen to the tree if the bag is removed.

9) Plant with a rich soil amendment such as OSBC, organic soil building conditioner or Harvest Supreme, and a root stimulator, Vitamin B or Superthrive.

10) Sit back and enjoy.

The nip in the air reminds us that it is time to plant trees and shrubs. Fall and winter are very good planting times.

We have a large supply of Oregon plants now in the nursery:

Gold Cone cedar, Mugo Pine, Alberta spruce, Austrian and Bosnian pines, Vanderwolf pine. We still have many Colorado Spruce, Baby Blue, Fat Albert and Globosa Blue Spruce, a dwarf that gets about 5 feet by 5 feet. It looks good mixed in with Mugo pines and other Alpine trees. We also have Thuja Green Giant, Emerald Cone and Excela Western red cedars.

We have a large selection of gift items such as puzzles and fish starter kits. We carry tropical as well as cold water fish.

My daughter Ruby has been invited, with her college music group, to go to Carnage Hall in New York City this spring. We are having a raffle for a Blue Spruce tree to help pay for the trip.

Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25, or 15 for $50. The winning ticket will be drawn on Dec. 21. You need not be present to win!

Merry Christmas from the gang at Mountain Gardens Nursery and Pet.


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