2019 A.V. Fair & Alfalfa Festival theme announced


December 8, 2018

Antelope Valley Fair officials have formally announced the 2019 Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival theme, “Sweet Delights and Carnival Lights.” As is tradition, the Antelope Valley Fair Association Board of Directors were tasked with selecting the winning theme. The theme entries for the 2019 A.V. Fair set an all-time record. Over 1,000 community theme entries were submitted, vying for the prestigious honor of contributing to the 2019 A.V. Fair and Alfalfa Festival branding, marketing and PR efforts.

The winning 2019 theme was submitted by Cindy Farrow. When notified that her entry had been selected as the 2019 winning theme, Farrow responded, “I am so honored that my theme was chosen. I love participating in this annual theme contest and I look forward to hearing about the new theme every year. What a privilege to have been selected.”

Farrow is a long time resident of the Antelope Valley and has enjoyed attending the local event for decades. According to Farrow, “My family and I have been attending the Fair for generations. When we go to the Fair, it just feels like we’re going back in time. It’s truly home to us.”

This is the second time Farrow has won the annual theme contest. In 2008, her entry “Peaches and Screams” took top honors. As the theme winner, Farrow will have the option to participate in several pre-Fair events, Fair tickets and more.

A.V. Fair and Event Center CEO, Dan Jacobs said, “We are thrilled by the number of theme submissions this year, which more than doubled from years past. The number of theme contest entries underscores the amazing community engagement and support that makes this Fair one of the best events in the region.” Jacobs went on to say, “Based on post event fair-goer surveys and volunteer feedback, we’ll be making some changes to the 2019 Fair events. I encourage folks to keep an eye out for some exciting announcements starting at the beginning of the year that will make this event even more memorable!”

The dates of the 2019 “Sweet Delights and Carnival Lights” A.V. Fair and Alfalfa Festival are August 16 through 25, 2019.

For all A.V. Fair and Event Center information be sure to visit http://www.avfair.com.


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