By Pat Doody 

Hammond on Tehachapi

Rotary Club of Tehachapi


November 24, 2018

Pat Doody

Tehachapi Rotary President Chris Naftel with guest speaker Jon Hammond.

At the Nov. 8 meeting of the Tehachapi Rotary Club, local historian and authority on everything Tehachapi Jon Hammond spoke about the historic development of flora and fauna of the area. Hammond talked about the Tehachapi mountains and how, as a transverse mountain range, it supplied a corridor for the animal population to travel from east to west leading to the unique variety of wildlife that was at one time found here.

According to Hammond, grizzly and black bears were actually found here centuries ago as were white wolves, jaguars, grey foxes and blue oaks. Even the local Kawaiisu are a blend of the Native Americans of California and those of the Great Basin.

In true Hammond style, the fascinating talk left everyone wanting to know more.

Tehachapi Rotary meets on Thursdays at noon at The Shed, 333 E. Tehachapi Blvd.


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