By Greg Garrett
Tehachapi City Manager 

Tehachapi continues to do great things

From the City Manager


November 10, 2018

Greg Garrett

Sometimes we all just need a little reassurance in our lives. This past week those of us at City Hall and in the community got that reassurance with the results of our City election and the opening of our new hospital.

In government, as well as in many of our personal lives, we certainly don't hear enough of the positive feedback. It's the naysayers that command attention, they often times have the loudest voice, spin the most lavish tales and are the first to find fault in every situation. I'm pleased to report that based on the results of the election, the silent majority won the day and reassured what I already knew, we have amazing people doing amazing work for our City.

Elections bring out very passionate people, but many families aren't into local politics because they just want to live their lives. It's those people that on Election Day were faced with a choice, to reassure the progress and results they've seen around them, or voice their displeasure. Overwhelmingly in every race, it was reassurance that the direction of Tehachapi is in lockstep with the desire of the citizens.

I look forward as City Manager to working with the new Tehachapi City Council once the election results are certified by the County and the newly-elected are sworn into their roles in the coming weeks. I too am reassured that we will continue to accomplish great things in this City with a governing body that values cooperation with its citizens and others around us. Is everything perfect? Absolutely not, it is impossible for every citizen to be completely satisfied with every facet of government. But a constructive dialogue and a solutions-based approach to issues are a priority and a major part of our current success.

Not only was the day after the election a powerfully-reassuring moment for the direction of our City, but that morning the new Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley Hospital opened its doors. A long journey, not without its hang-ups. But, the community persevered and the end result is a state-of-the-art hospital and an operator in Adventist Health that is second to none. There's a telling picture they took that morning, as the sun rose from the east the entire Adventist Health team stood in a heart-shaped prayer before they opened their doors and blessed our new facility.

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I have no doubt that we regularly are the benefactors of divine intervention in our community, that photo told a story about a historic moment for Tehachapi. It too was reassurance that the future of Tehachapi is bright and the direction in which we are traveling is the right one. We have the right people to lead those efforts, both in the public and private sectors, they are investors in the vision, they are the benefactors of our future, and I am proud to be working by their side.

It is with that reassurance that we move forward in our community, as you can no doubt see we have a lot happening. We are busy not only with the daily operation of our City, but completing the projects and initiatives that will have a lasting positive impact on our quality of life and the future of Tehachapi.

Thank you for the reassurance that Tehachapi is on the right path. Our efforts should be collaborative and I encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. I'm always available via email at [email protected] or stop by City Hall, 115 S. Robinson Street.


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