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November 10, 2018

It was over a year and a half ago that Dr. Sheryl Haggerty began looking for a home in Tehachapi. The physician had been practicing in Palmdale for over three years in the field of occupational medicine when she was offered a job in Bakersfield that she just couldn't refuse. She knew what she wanted in a house and was willing to make the hour and a half commute each way until she found what she was looking for. What appeared was her dream-come-true in spades.

She knew she wanted owned-solar (although being completely off-the grid was something she had not planned on), she wanted her own well, land for organic growing and, "a sanctuary devoid of impediments to our health." The house in Cummings Valley fit the bill, but she soon discovered it came with a learning curve when it came to all the electrical and watering systems. The day I visited, Sheryl was excitedly waiting for the original builder of the house to come and show her how all the solar electric equipment worked. The house even came with a small greenhouse, fruit trees and a watering system she also had yet to figure out.

While Sheryl was born in Lansing, Mich., she did much of her growing up in Minnesota. She received her B.A. and B.S. degrees in Mankato, Minn. followed by an M.S. and PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She joined the Air Force and went on to medical school at the University of Nebraska. She said she was a flight surgeon for 21 years and that she was stationed at Travis Air Force Base when she retired. She has been specializing in occupational medicine for the last 15 years while living in various spots around California.

Sheryl said that she has been studying many of the natural healing modalities and they have become her passion along with her organic gardening. It looks like she has her work cut out for her and enough to keep her busy for some time.

A big "Welcome to Tehachapi" to Dr. Haggerty and her two cute kitties Kikitu and Honor.

Analysa (Aly) and Spencer Larsen and their family arrived in Tehachapi in August after spending the last four years in Bakersfield. Spencer is a Registered Nurse who was working in Bakersfield until he was hired to teach the Medical Pathways program at Rosamond High School making Tehachapi a much better commute. They live in a real log home in Brite Valley.

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For Aly this is more like a welcome home since she is a graduate of Tehachapi High School. Her parents, Bill and Annie Steele, built the log cabin residence in Brite Valley over 40 years ago in the historic Cook Tract near Brite Lake. Aly was born in Los Angeles, the youngest of six children. She spent her early years in Los Angeles until her parents moved back to Tehachapi permanently when she was in high school.

Spencer was born in Bakersfield and has one brother who lives in Portland, Ore. It was at church in Bakersfield that he met Aly. They spent eight years living in Salt Lake City and then returned to Bakersfield. Aly and Spencer have four children. William is the oldest at 10, Lillyan is 8, Matthew is 6 and Annalyn is 4. A Lab named Roxy and a greyhound-mix named Scout help Aly keep an eye on the four.

Aly said that she is currently working as an aerobics instructor but is also an education major at Western Governors University's College of Health Professions. However, she adds that in her rare free time she likes to exercise and walk. Spencer also likes to take advantage of their rural neighborhood and be outdoors when he can. There is no doubt that they are all enjoying the rural experience of living in a log cabin.

Welcome and welcome back to Tehachapi to Spencer, Aly and the entire Larsen household.


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