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By Nancy Bacon

Fill your life with things you love

From the Pastor's Desk


November 10, 2018

Nancy Bacon

Greetings! Recently, a woman from Tehachapi, Judy Hewitt, shared with me and a few others the story of her 26-year-old nephew, Zach Heglemeyer, who died this past year from a surfing accident. He was on vacation in Bali, Indonesia, doing things he loved, especially surfing. Two days before he died, he wrote an inspiring message that I think would be good to read every day. Below is what he wrote. I and his aunt hope it inspires you.


Pastor Nancy

Zach's Message

Friends, take this to heart. Today, when you walk outside, breathe in the fresh air and savor it; hug your friends and smile with love for their presence; tell family you love them and think of some of the reasons why; listen to your favorite songs back-to-back, thankful it is simply at your fingertips; drive with your window down, reveling in the fact you can go anywhere you want at this moment; go eat exactly what you're craving.

Choose today to not take the small things for granted, they are probably not that small!

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