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Got a business, service club, or event? Want it noticed?


If you have a business, service club, or perhaps an event you want to get noticed, it's important to pursue as many avenues as you can to get the attention you need. You'll definitely want to use print media, of course. An ad in The Loop always works. But nowadays there's a whole new boulevard to walk down-social media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to mention just a few. While that ad in The Loop will stay in front of people for at least a couple of weeks, social media might only tweak them for a moment, but that moment can come quite often, and if arresting enough, can be very impactful.

That said, the issue becomes, what do you put up?

After all, it's just as easy for the consumer, the joiner, and the participant to scroll past your message as it is for you to put it up, and you definitely don't want that. Rather, at the first glimpse of it, you want them to stop, digest, and decide. Of course, that's the first job of any ad, but it's even more so with social media. The messages fly fast and relentlessly out there, and everyone has learned to move as quickly as possible down that screen.

So what has impact? What catches the eye and mind? Video. It moves, it can be beautiful, certainly striking, and if it's putting out interesting information, you can't help but stop and give it a look.

Over the past six months or so, I've gone to friends who own businesses and produced promotional videos for them. Thirty seconds, a minute long, these videos could easily run on Facebook and the like. At first I did it because I just liked the idea of helping my friends, doing something for them that would give them a leg up on the competition, but I quickly learned a couple things. First, I enjoyed doing it, and because I enjoyed it, I got good at it. Second, these videos worked. So well, in fact, that a few of those friends came back and asked me to produce additional videos for them. This time they paid me. The videos were obviously helping.

I've decided to make a business out of this. So where is my promotional video? I put three of those I've done for friends up on YouTube. Go look at them. See what I've done, then imagine how such a promotional video could help you. Here's the list. To the left of the dash are the links, to the right is the title you can search on.

- EMB Eclectic Martial Arts - Become - Fine Jewelry by Cherie - Tehachapi Christian Store - Music boxes for Christmas

What's the cost? For a 30 second promotional video, $99; for a minute, $189. If you want something longer, let's talk. So, if you can see how such a video might help your business, club, or event, email me at [email protected] Can't wait to hear from you.


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