Executive Director, Marleys Mutts Dog Rescue 

Marley's Mutts needs your help!

Zach M. Skow


Zach Skow

In response to over 150 dogs being seized from a home in Tehachapi,  Marley's Mutts will spend the next several days rescuing as many dogs from our local shelters as possible. This is a double tragedy because we now have 150 more dogs at the shelter in addition to the 150 who are already there and are being pushed out. Our Motor City Mutt Mover van can hold up to 27 dogs comfortably and will be transporting the dogs to no kill agencies in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties. The van will be working through the weekend to save as many dogs as possible.

Marley's Mutts is working to create a CERT (canine emergency response team) composed of fosters and drivers who can take on dogs in the case of emergency. If you would like to join the team, head to MarleysMutts.org/foster/ or MarleysMutts.org/donate/ to contribute. There is nothing this community can't accomplish if we work together! 


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