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By Greg Garrett
Tehachapi City Manager 

The many roads to City Hall

From the City Manager


I was leaving a meeting recently at the Community Room of the Tehachapi Police Department building on my way back to City Hall. When I leave that venue there are plenty of ways I can take to City Hall. I can continue on C Street until I reach Curry, from there I can turn on D, E, F, or Tehachapi Blvd., since they all connect to Robinson where City Hall is located. For some reason the words "there are many roads to City Hall" just sort of stuck in my mind.

As I dwelled on that a little during the brief drive back, I thought while there are many actual roads that lead to City Hall, there are many roads and avenues one can use to reach out to City Hall. My staff and I have prided ourselves on listening to the community and being accessible to those wishing to discuss City matters.

For example, we have virtual "roads" to City Hall. We have the City's website,, where we post announcements, news releases, information, as well as agendas for the City Council. Other virtual roads include our social media pages where we post photos, videos and updates. Sometimes we receive questions on social media posts via comments or messages, as warranted, the department head responsible for that area will respond directly and answer each inquiry.

Our business model, and the City is quite frankly run like a business, is to be accessible to our stakeholders, the community. We've increased that accessibility with new avenues to City Hall, like Coffee with the Mayor and City Manager, held on the third Thursday of each month at the Coffee Mill from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. We are also exploring a weekend event for those who are understandably busy during the work week.

We also have Coffee with a Cop on a quarterly basis where Chief Kroeger and many of his officers make themselves available for conversation. Of course, there are City Council meetings, held the first and third Monday of each month at the aforementioned Community Room at the Tehachapi Police Department.

If you're one that still prefers those normal roads, they still work, too. City Hall is open from 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Feel free to stop by with questions, comments or concerns. As always, you can use the virtual avenues as well and email me at

As you can see, there are many roads to City Hall, I hope you will take full advantage of them when you have questions or an issue you would like addressed by City staff. Whatever your road of choice, we're happy to meet you there.


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