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By Greg Garrett
Tehachapi City Manager 

2017 Year in Review

From the City Manager


The City of Tehachapi has released our "2017 Year in Review". This is an annual project we started several years ago to showcase the accomplishments of the City, our various departments and the citizens over the previous calendar year.

This year we focused on the theme "We The People" with each section of our City operation being addressed under one of the core principles found in the Preamble of the United States Constitution. We firmly believe that "We The People" of Tehachapi, live up to the foundation set forth by our Nation's founders as we pursue happiness in the place we call home.

Copies of the 2017 Year in Review are available at City Hall, the Visitor's Center, and Chamber of Commerce, as well as various businesses around the City. We have also published a digital version to our website and social media platforms. I am making the rounds to various community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Greater Tehachapi EDC, and many others, and presenting a multimedia version of this report to community members.

Part of what made 2017 so successful and what will continue to drive us forward in 2018 is the engagement with those in our community. For example, one of our major accomplishments in 2017 was an 18.4% reduction in Part-I crimes, which dropped them to the lowest levels in Tehachapi history. That result was not only because we have an excellent police force with outstanding officers, but the fact that the community has partnered with the Tehachapi Police Department to reduce opportunities for crimes to occur, build relationships with the officers and take an active role in community-policing.

It's that level of engagement by the citizens of Tehachapi that helps make the community successful. In an era where social media, internet blogs and anonymity behind an online profile can turn many people into critics, the acts of the engaged are actually producing results. It is far easier to criticize from the comfort of home, instead of being involved in the process and the solution. I'll hang my hat on the acts of the involved any day of the week.

Legendary musician Charlie Daniels recently released a memoir entitled "Never Stare at the Empty Seats". The title of the book is rooted from a lesson he learned very early on in his performing career. While his band was putting out 100-percent every night on stage, he was dismayed at some of the crowds, he would lament at the empty seats and think "man those people are missing a heck of a show." However that helped him realize that there were plenty of other people who had purchased a ticket, and were engaged in his performance. From that point forward he vowed to play the best show possible for the people in the crowd and "never stare at the empty seats."

In 2018 we will continue putting our best foot forward in working with engaged community members to keep Tehachapi as a desirable community and a great place to live. The empty seats will just stay empty, and miss out on a heck of a show.


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