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Molly Sherman – A woman with a purpose


Born and raised in Coalinga, Calif., Molly Sherman moved to Tehachapi in 1967 and has resided here ever since. She studied massage therapy at the Institute of Holistic Studies in 1988 and opened her massage practice in 1989.

Molly grew up with a natural health background. Says Sherman, "Back then everything was organic. That's the way things were grown. My mother taught us about helpful remedies and about foot reflexology." Many years later Molly started doing reflexology on friends and family. Her intention was to take a course and do that as a business but life had different plans. An event in 1984 caused her to suffer severe depression. After reading an article in a woman's magazine that recommended massage as an aid for depression Molly got a massage. She said the treatment made her feel so much better that she decided to pursue massage therapy instead of reflexology. When her husband passed away in 1988 Molly did just that and has been practicing ever since.

She says, "When I got that massage I was in depression and it helped me so much physically and mentally that I decided that's what I wanted to do. There is so much pain out there, both mental and physical, and I wanted to help relieve that pain. That's what started me. I felt massage was so helpful I wanted to offer that gift."

Sherman doesn't have a name for the kind of massage she does. She says over the years she has learned deep tissue work and how to feel in the moment what the person needs. Basically she sticks to a Swedish routine but does the massage a lot differently manipulating muscle. One customer said, "I've had none other like it. It's a Molly massage!"

When she first started out Molly said she was new and unsure and found that she was too tense as she worked. She began to teach herself to relax as she was working and says that technique taught her to be relaxed in life. She realized a long time ago that by releasing and relaxing, her body would become like a sieve and the pain would not stick but just go right through. Her advice about life is to lighten up. Says Sherman, "All of our spiritual masters and teachers teach us to lighten up. We take life too seriously. A merry heart does good like medicine as the scripture says."

When she's not doing massage, Sherman likes to read and play the piano. She also sings with the Tehachapi Symphonic Chorus. Her two children both currently reside in Tehachapi. She has four grandchildren, two in Oregon, one who recently graduated with a masters from Irvine and a grandson with a BA from Fresno State.

When asked about wisdom she has gleaned over the years Sherman says, "Just let it go, relax and go within. Everything we have and need to know is inside of us but sometimes we need guidance along the way. It's not about looking in and being more accepting and understanding of yourself. You don't have to go out and make things happen. Just observe."

Her words are well said. Thank you Molly Sherman for helping others to "lighten up!" and for sharing your gifts with Tehachapi.


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