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By Dorothy McReynolds
TCTs Chair of Publicity 

Gockel Family share their thoughts on Tehachapi Community Theatre

TCT Spotlight


Can your Tehachapi Community Theatre enhance your life? The Gockel family share some of their thoughts about being a part of TCT.

"Whether you're stepping into theater as an individual, or as an entire family, there are so many important life skills you're taught in the process of putting on a good show," says Nicole Gockel.

"Can you give us some 'for instances'? I asked.

"For one thing," says Nicole, "you're brought into a world where people can be so different from you. They believe differently, they might hold completely opposite political views or have a life approach that you're simply not accustomed to; working together helps you understand and respect those differences."

"Everyone involved in theater has that one common goal of putting on a good show," says Dad T.J. "It's that process that teaches you the central skills needed to get to that goal."

"It's not like a class that gives you theory," says Nicole. "It's practical learning that helps in so many areas of your life."

Fifteen-year-old Riley shares, "Although I like acting, I really like to work in the sound booth the best. The technical part of stage craft also ties in with my other school interests, like Robotics, for example."

Ten-year-old Katelyn Gockel says, "One of my favorite things is being around so many great people. I love acting and I love that close feeling that pulls us all together."

"When you have the right leadership," says T.J. "theater can be a very healthy retreat from life's everyday demands, and if it's done right, it can boost an entire community's spirit."

Darren Gockel, age 13, says "I like being around such positive people, and being able to get to know them. They become good friends. I also like the duality, when I'm on stage, I place myself in somebody else's shoes. So one part of my life, I'm faking it; and the other part, I'm being it."

No comments were made by Baby Brigid, who somehow seemed very content to reside in slumber land.

So our dear Tehachapi community, there are so many fulfilling activities that TCT offers. You have the chance to learn lighting, sound, set and clothing design, stage construction, office and organizational techniques as well as basic life skills that can enrich your life.

The Tehachapi Community Theatre (TCT) is a non-profit organization, and our main performances are held in the historic BeeKay Theatre in downtown Tehachapi 110 S. Green St. Please log onto to become one of our valued TCT members. Share in our vision to shine even brighter in our beautiful community.

TCT also extends to you the warmest and happiest of holiday greetings with a very happy and prosperous 2018.

Remember, there's a place for you here, with us.


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