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By Greg Garrett
Tehachapi City Manager 

Tehachapi Downtown better than ever

From the City Manager


As we enjoy the holiday shopping season, I hope you're taking notice of our local 'Buy 1' initiative. It's a challenge of sorts from the City to our citizens to make the effort to purchase at least one gift this year from a local small business. We understand that buying every gift here locally might not be possible, but our economic development team feels like one gift is reasonable. Honestly, after discovering everything our local shops have to offer, you'll most-likely be able to find several more gifts in the process.

We're also encouraging those who shop locally and take the 'Buy 1' challenge to share a photo on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram and spread the Holiday cheer.

Downtown Evolution Continues

Our historic downtown is one of the gems of Tehachapi. It is a focus of tourism, special events and plenty of history. Over the last decade a lot of work has been done on Downtown infrastructure, architecture, culture, and now we're seeing another evolution of sorts, new business.

Myself and City staff have had multiple meetings over the last several weeks with business owners that are reinvesting in downtown. There are new concepts being brought to the table that we feel will further enhance the reasons people visit our Downtown. These businesses are not only going to be helpful for local residents, but are the types of destinations that will bring visitors from surrounding communities into the area.

The County of Kern were also a big part of this latest shift in Downtown having opened their new Tehachapi Library Branch in the former Masonic Lodge on Green Street. If you have not had the chance to see this building yet it is a wonderful addition to Downtown. My thanks to Supervisor Zack Scrivner for his vision on this project and all who were involved in making a beautiful downtown library a reality.

Speaking of which, a large corner storefront on Green and F Street, once occupied by Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store is for sale. Many Tehachapi residents might also remember this as the old Town and Country Market and it still has some of the original market charm inside. Saint Vincent's is closing up the operation and the building is available. We hope to attract the perfect business as it too takes part in this shift in culture Downtown.

I'm confident thanks to local reinvestments and great community partners, that Downtown in 2018 will be better than ever.

As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to stop by City Hall or email me at


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