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Special exhibit for the Holidays at the Tehachapi Museum - Kunigunde

Tehachapi Museum


Zanya Biviano with the beautifully carved German Baroque wooden figure of Kunigunde, on display at the Tehachapi Museum.

Through the holidays, a new exhibit at the Tehachapi Museum features a carved wooden figure, on loan from Zanya Biviano. It is in the style of the German Baroque era, indicated by the softness of the features and the pastel colors. It is masterly carved and shows the superb craftsmanship of the German woodcarver. The beautiful figure would have originally been in a church and is several centuries old.

It has been in her family's possession for many years. The family history holds that the figure represents the Holy Kunigunde, a German Empress who was accused of adultery. To prove her innocence, she was required to walk on a bed of hot iron and if her feet were not burned, she would be considered innocent. Passing the test, she was beatified as a saint.

Research shows that the name Kunigunde, Kunigunda, or Cunigunde is a European female name of German origin derived from "kuni" (clan, family) and "gund" (war). A list of people with the name includes several queens, princesses, saints and others in parts of Prussia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and even Italy.

There is also a collection of German crystal from Zanya's family home in Wertheim Germany. The Errea House Museum across the street is celebrating Christmas Around the World, featuring Germany this year. There are silent auction Christmas trees, a hand carved sleigh, Santa and eight tiny reindeer and other items from Germany.

The Tehachapi Museum at 310 South Green Street and the Errea House Museum across the street are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12 to 4 p.m.

For more information, call the Museum at (661) 822-8152.


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