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Burpee and Kick-a-Thon raises funds for Wounded Heroes


Larry LaCom

Tehachapi Martial Arts Center and Indian Hills CrossFit host a Kick-a-Thon and Burpee-a-Thon to benefit the Wounded Heroes Fund of Kern County.

Tehachapi Martial Arts Center and Indian Hills CrossFit hosted a fundraiser on Nov. 11 to support the Wounded Heroes Fund of Kern County. It was held on the mat at Tehachapi Martial Arts Center and divided into two events. TMAC participants did a Kick-a-Thon, and IHCF did a Burpee-a-Thon.

The Kick-a-Thon of mostly young students of TMAC lasted for 30-nonstop-minutes of whatever type of karate kick each child chose. Kids were divided into small groups, while one person counting for each group recorded the number of kicks on a clipboard. Money was raised by pledges from sponsors based on the number of kicks – the more kicks a participant performed, the more money was raised.

The Burpee-a-Thon was performed by students from Indian Hills CrossFit. They used the same format, where each small group of "burpers" was counted by an observer. Since burpees take longer and require more physical exertion than simple kicks, the time was limited to 10 minutes. Burpees can be done in different ways, but this group was doing a more strenuous variety that included going all the way down into a push-up and up into a jump with the feet leaving the floor. Ten burpees and a rest, then ten more and so-on was the pattern.

Larry LaCom

Tehachapi Martial Arts Center owner Maria Jadric encourages some young participants during the Kick-a-Thon.

In keeping with the fundraiser's patriotic purpose, the event began with a pledge of allegiance to the American Flag. Maria Jadric, who along with her husband Ivan Jadric, owns Tehachapi Martial Arts Center, kept things running smoothly. Ryan and Jennifer Kingsbury, owners of Indian Hills CrossFit, monitored the burpee event. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and were rewarded with hotdogs and water after they were done doing their part for the wounded heroes.

Total funds raised, for both events, amounted to almost $2,400. Albertsons donated the hotdogs, and the parents and community members who supported the event were instrumental in its great success. There was even a bounce house in the parking lot for the kids to enjoy before and after the event.

"The Wounded Heroes Fund is a service organization with the specific purpose of assisting the men and women of our armed forces. Those looking for a way to repay the service of our military men and women can come together under the banner of WHF and contribute funds, time or their own unique skills and services," from the Wounded Heroes Fund of Kern County website.


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