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Gold Star Financial


Laura Asbill and Ron Meijas of Gold Star Financial look forward to their workshops, and helping you with your financial needs.

They knew there just had to be a better, safer way to grow their client's money. Ron Mejia and Laura Asbill of Gold Star Financial spent 3 years searching for the answer. Somehow, consistent, respectable growth had to be available in all market types. No reaching for the moon...but no crushing losses, either. Gold Star Financial's 30 year solid reputation was on the line.

They found the answer with Horter Investment Management of Cincinnati. Drew Horter had long ago realized that steady, moderate gains were preferable to phenomenal gains followed by crippling losses and years of catching up. He had the proven formula, the mix of protected funds and funds positioned for consistent growth in all market environments.

Since joining forces with Horter, Ron and Laura have enjoyed placing clients in just such a financial mix. They have fully embraced the Horter philosophy; we believe in Tactical Asset Management where our platform of private wealth managers can go "risk off" to cash, take advantage of the stock market if it goes up or down and can potentially earn money for our clients if interest rates increase or decrease. For retirees, pre-retirees and conservative investors, we do not believe that "Buy & Hold" and Asset Allocation Models are appropriate, considering investor drawdowns/losses could be 50% in the

S&P 500 as we experienced during the

Great Recession.

Ron and Laura will be offering a series of free retirement courses in July and August. Each class is conducted on two subsequent Saturday mornings. Please see the ad in this edition of The Loop. Saturday, July 22 and July 29 as well as Saturday, August 5 and August 12 are still available.

RSVP is required, call (661) 821-0686.


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