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By Pat Doody 

Sailplane Regatta a soaring success


Pat Doody

Laister Kaufmann LK10 World War II trained was shown by Mae and Doug Fronius of San Diego.

Sailplanes of all sizes and colors gathered at Mountain Valley Airport over Memorial Day weekend for the 2017 Western Vintage Sailplane Regatta. The perfect weather brought out flight enthusiasts to watch and ride the sleek long winged aircraft. Sailplane owners competed on Sunday morning in the spot landing contest. The sailplane is towed into the air, released and the pilot must bring it back to earth as close as possible to a spot on the runway. The winner of this year's contest was Vern Fueston of Montague, Calif. who was off by inches.

Pat Doody

Spot Landing winner Vern Fueston.

Several specialty planes were on exhibit. A red, white and blue World War II trainer, the Laister Kaufmann LK-10, was shown by Mae and Doug Fronius. Jeff Byard brought his Bowlus BA100 Baby Albatross wooden sailplane. The most colorful array of planes was the exhibit of sailplanes made by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation of Horseheads, New York.

Mountain Valley Airport was kept busy all weekend with planes sometimes backed up three deep waiting for a tow plane. Including the evening barbecue, it was a great event.


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