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By Liz Block
Water Conservation Coordinator, Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District 

The Potty Awards!

Water Matters


I’ve been running low flow toilet replacement programs in Tehachapi Valley since 2014. The programs are almost over, and now is the time to heap glory on those who participated. Announcing the winners of the highly coveted Potty Awards!

In the Commercial Category, demonstrating the old adage, the more you flush, the more you save…the envelope please. It’s Kelcy’s Café! Kelcy’s is saving an average of 22,000 gallons of water per month with their new low flow toilets and the other water saving measures they’ve put in place. Thanks to all of Kelcy’s customers for recycling all that coffee.

In the Multi-family Category, demonstrating the old adage, the more toilets you replace, the more you save, the Golden Toilet trophy goes to Sierra Ridge Apartments! After replacing 67 toilets, 55 showerheads, and 78 faucet aerators, they are saving a whopping 56,400 gallons per month.

In the Category of Most Water Saved by an Individual, is a man who does not even live in our lovely community, but owns rental property, and embraced the toilet replacement program with enthusiasm and dedication. His name is unrevealed to protect the innocent. But by replacing 49 toilets at 11 rental properties, he is responsible for saving [drum roll please] 84,400 gallons per month!

A tip of the hat to my personal favorite category, The Super Savers. These folks couldn’t attain notoriety by the volume of water they saved, because they didn’t use much water to start with. But they got new toilets and, along with their other water conserving measures, dropped their water use even lower. One Super Saver uses only 600 gallons per month, imagine that. Let’s give it up for all the Super Savers out there!

Finally, Joe and Joetta Average replaced their toilets, and are saving about 1,300 gallons per month, month after month, year after year. They just keep on saving.

You too can share in the glory of The Potty Awards! But don’t put it off any longer. The Toilet Rebate Program closes July 31, 2017. You are eligible for a rebate of up to $150 per toilet if your home is older than 1992 and the toilets are those old high flow, 3 gallon per flush or more, dinosaurs.

Flyers/applications are available on our website ( and at City Hall and CSD offices. Or call me, Liz,

at (661) 822-5504.


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