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A bittersweet goodbye

Trains etc.


We would like to thank all our customers for the support they have given us over the last 11+ years. You are what I will miss the most. A big Thank You to the City, the Tehachapi Train Club, Main Street, etc for the support and events that help the business people downtown. A huge appreciation to Kathy Bassler of Kelcy’s Restaurant for being a great landlord and friend, and of course Alysia at the The Loop Newspaper who made all my ads look awesome, I will miss working with all of you.

The primary reason for closing is that we are retiring, as we are in our mid 70’s and would like to complete some things we have on our bucket list, visiting the kids, and grandkids.

Our wish is that someone will open another store like this one to sell trains and accessories, train magazines, souvenirs, and t-shirts, as well as the paints, glues, and other miscellaneous items that we sell, but adding their own ideas. We have had so many people come in and state that they were going to miss this fun store.


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