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The Tehachapi Christian Youth Film Festival

"It changed my life!" These words were spoken by Destinee, a Bakersfield youth. What was the "it?" The Christian Youth Film Festival in Bakersfield put on by the Christian Youth Film Society there. This young lady entered and discovered a new talent and passion that is even now, shaping her future. It's not an overstatement. Movies are the most influential communication medium today, and this young lady, because of her involvement, found a new direction and passion for life.

Today just about all Smart Phones include sophisticated cameras and the means to film and edit some pretty sophisticated movies. Many of our teens today use them in just that way, their films ending up on YouTube, and other publicly accessible sites. Annica Bennette, a student at THS, produced "Charlie's Cherubs" with her friends. In this action scene, from left to right are Annica, Bethany Stainfield, and Jessica Riggs.

But wouldn't it be neat if those same teens-even pre-teens-had the opportunity to think about, construct, and make movies that explore such concepts as Hope, Forgiveness, and the true meaning of Love, then see their creations on the big screen as they vie for well-deserved encouragement, recognition, and prizes.

On Saturday, May 6, at 10 a.m. at the Hitching Post Theater, those of you who think it would be a good idea to help teens have that opportunity will have the chance to shape just what the first annual Tehachapi Christian Youth Film Festival will look like. This is not only an informational meeting, but it is a time when those of you who see the potential of our youth and want to help guide them into these most worthwhile endeavors can come together to hear from those who have been doing this in Bakersfield for 23 years. You'll hear about the festival itself, but also about the Film Camps, topical seminars like Story Development, Editing, and Cinematography, and the involvement of Christian Hollywood Filmmakers. If you are a Pastor or youth pastor, a parent of talented teens, have an organization that works with teens, or just see how important this effort is, please plan to come.

This meeting and the resulting festival is open to the entire community whether you are a person of faith or not. If you would like to attend, RSVP (so we have enough free popcorn and drinks-and surprise gifts) at http://www.christianyouthfilmfestival.org. Or email Bill Kritlow at [email protected].

May 6, 10 a.m., at The Hitching Post Theater. See you there.