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See the 'torture device' at the Tehachapi Museum

The Tehachapi Museum's newest exhibit features a very interesting machine, circa 1920s to 1930s, designed for giving women permanents. The permanent wave machine looks like a torture device from a science fiction movie, and could be very dangerous. And considering the combination of wet hair and electricity, it was! Curlers were attached to an apparatus called a chandelier which took some of the weight off the curlers and kept them tidy, but gives the appearance of a torture devise.

Included in the new display are numerous other items from 1900 to 1930s designed to make women more attractive.

Continuing exhibits in the Museum's Textile Gallery include spring hats, Disney items, Victorian clothing, and an exhibit about Maria Downey, wife of California's governor 1860-1862. Maria Downey was killed in a train accident in Tehachapi, 1883.

In the Museum's main gallery there is an exhibit about the Cuddeback family, one of Tehachapi's pioneer families. Also in the main gallery is the newly renovated gift shop featuring books of local interest, collectible items, historic folk toys, and basket kits.

The Museum is located at 310 S. Green Street and open Friday through Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m. Across the street at 311 S. Green Street is the Errea House Museum, the oldest residence in the area. Both museums will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 16. For more information about either museum call 822-8152.