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Hall Ambulance employees return to Kern County after being honored

The 13 Hall Ambulance Service employees honored on Monday, April 3 at the state Capitol returned to Kern County after a whirlwind day of honors. They were amongst 48 EMS professionals from across California to receive recognition as part of the California Ambulance Association's Stars of Life Celebration, which acknowledges and honors the dedicated professionals in the ambulance services industry.

The Hall Ambulance Service employees included Paramedic Rod Castillo, Director of Media Services Mark Corum; Paramedic Rick Davis, Paramedic Ryan Strange, Paramedic Marsha Aase, EMT William Cassidy, Paramedic Josh Edwards, Paramedic Eddie Maldonado, EMT Brooke Carmona, EMT Adam Moreno, Paramedic Masato Seki, EMT Vera Chinn, and EMD Tabitha Baker.

For many, it was their first visit to Sacramento, and a day like no other-filled with praise and appreciation for their actions, whether for a single, life-saving act, as employees of the year, or stand-out recognition from Founder and President Harvey L. Hall.

The Stars kept to a busy schedule starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Embassy Suites Hotel where leadership of the California Ambulance Association bestowed upon them their Stars of Life medals.

All 48 Stars were shuttled to the Capitol to begin meeting with their local legislators. For the Hall Ambulance honorees, that started with Assemblymember Vince Fong (District 34) escorting them onto the floor of the Assembly for pictures.

Afterward, they received public recognition from Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (52nd District), a fellow EMT and Stars of Life alum who was recognized by the CAA in 2006, while the Assembly was in session.

Next, Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller hosted the Hall Ambulance Stars in her office, presenting each of them with a framed Senate Resolution recognizing their individual acts of heroism and dedication to the people they serve in Kern County. "It's an honor for me to recognize these first responders from my district with a Senate Resolution for their heroic actions that they provide for our community. These are the true heroes of our community who don't think twice about their own safety to assist others," said Senator Fuller.

Senator Fuller then acknowledged all 48 Stars of Life recipients while the Senate was in session, specifically highlighting the 13 employees from Hall Ambulance who serve in her district.

The visit at the Capitol wrapped up with Assemblymember Rudy Salas (District 32) welcoming the Stars into his office, where they shared their lifesaving stories.

The evening concluded back at the Embassy Suites with an awards dinner featuring a keynote address from Assemblymember Vince Fong.

One by one, each Star's nomination for why they were selected was read to the audience. Finally, each honoree was presented with a CAA Stars of Life lapel pin that they can proudly wear on their uniform to let their patients know that they are being cared for by one of California's outstanding EMS practitioners.