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Brad Lundberg still in the saddle after 60 years

The old cowboy, these are not words that you would use to describe Brad Lundberg. Yes, he spent most of his life in the saddle. Yes, he has trained many young cowboys to cut and sort and rope cattle. But at almost 77 years old, he is as sharp and vital as a man 30 years his junior. Brad started out on a farm in Lompoc where his dad was raising bean crops and cows, doing day labor and teaching his young son how to handle and care for horses. Brad still wakes up every day and goes down to his pasture to feed the horses.

After graduating from Lompoc High School he joined the Navy as a medical corpsman. "I was going to see the world," said Brad, "But I only saw San Diego." The Navy offered him a chance to go to officers training and become a medical officer, but he always heard the call of the country, the horses and cattle and wide open spaces.

He left the navy and went to cowboy on a ranch near Pt. Conception, California (cojoranch.com.) "I got $75. per month plus room and board," Brad smiles at the memory. After a while, the owners had so much confidence in his knowledge and organizational skills that they promoted him to ranch manager. "I put in 36 years at that ranch."

Presently you will see Brad teaching the "Greenhorns" at Bear Valley Springs Equestrian center to work with cows, cut, rope and be safe on horses. "I'm working with Gerry and Kate Quinn here at their place. They have a young 2-year-old filly and we're just getting her to work under saddle. Besides working with horses I have my rawhide shop where I cut rawhide from a full green cow skin and I make reins and headstalls plus silver spurs and bits. I'm healthy and happy. My wife Patty and I love it here in Bear Valley Springs. (Cowboy gear handmade traditional by Brad Lundberg 661-618-5649)