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Creative Connections, Inc.


Creative Connections, Inc. is an Adult Family Home Agency (AFHA) that was founded in July 2005 and vendored by Kern Regional Center in August 2005. Creative Connections, Inc. provides quality living options to adults with Developmental Disabilities who are referred to our agency by Kern Regional Center.

A family home agency is a private organization under contract to, and vendored by, a regional center. An AFHA is responsible for recruiting, training, approving, and monitoring family homes, as well as providing ongoing support to family homes. Social service staff employed by the AFHA make regular visits to the family home to ensure services and supports are in place, and that the match between the family and the new family member (the client) is viable, and continues to be viable.

Family Homes certified through the AFHA program create new, alternate, or extended families for individuals with developmental disabilities (clients). Family Home Providers must be able to relate to individuals with developmental disabilities as adult family members, as well as provide services and supports respectful to the individual's age, cultural background, personal preferences and life experiences. Services are to be provided based on a "Personal Centered Approach". This approach considers the service and supports that are to be provided to clients on a case by case and individual basis.

Creative Connections, Inc. prides itself in offering a quality living option to the consumers that we serve. It is the goal of Creative Connections, Inc. to offer individuals associated with our agency with a "Family" atmosphere within the office and when integrating with our staff, consumers, and family home providers. Once affiliated with our agency you are "Welcomed to the CC Family". Family is the foundation of our society. It is a place where people develop self-esteem, learn to exist in interdependence of others, and master life skills.

Creative Connections, Inc. offers various trainings, continuing education, and recreational activities to the consumers and providers that are a part of the "CC Family". Training is an important dynamic of the Creative Connections, Inc. program. Creative Connections, Inc works diligently to ensure staff and family home providers maintain more than enough training that revolves around working with the people placed in our Creative Connections, Inc. family homes. Trainings are provided by licensed professionals, consultants as well as Creative Connections, Inc. staff. Creative Connections, Inc also offers training to the consumers in our program on topics such as budgeting, life skills, etc. Creative Connections, Inc provides holiday parties, movies days, and a variety of recreational activities for consumers, staff and family home providers on an annual basis. As stated above Creative Connections, Inc. provides an atmosphere of family which includes several "CC family" activities.

Creative Connections, Inc. staff works diligently to ensure the consumers in our program maintain services and supports that are based on their individual needs. Creative Connections, Inc. operates on the premise of "Putting People First". If you would like more information, please feel free to call our Tehachapi office at (661) 825-5002 or our Bakersfield office at (661) 387-1000.


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