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By Kevin Belsby
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Christian counseling versus other forms of counseling part 1

DPER Life Center


February 18, 2017

At the DPER Life Center we are often asked about the different types of counseling we offer. Primarily we are a Christian Counseling Center that offers specific Christian “based” licensed marriage and family counseling and “Christian Life Coaching” for those in the faith community. However, we also offer licensed marriage and family counseling for those who do not necessarily consider themselves Christians or members of any type of religious grouping. In essence then, we offer licensed counseling, life coaching and psychotherapy (otherwise called marriage and family counseling) to both the faith-based and the non faith-based community.

In the past many mental health providers did not see the need to specifically find a therapist to fit with most people’s faith. Therapists are trained to consider the context of each person’s life as they evaluate the mental, emotional and social health. A person’s religious involvement or lack thereof was considered only a single element of that context. At the same time, many conservative Evangelicals considered “psychotherapy” a bad influence in many of their parishioners’ life because pastor’s felt that unbelieving therapists offered advise that was contrary to Bible based pastoral or spiritual advise. Over time the rivalry that had developed formed a barrier between many mental health providers and members of conservative faith communities.

In the past few decades, this barrier has become less of a barrier and more of a defining line between faith-based types or styles of counseling and non faith-based counseling. If fact most insurance companies now understand and will work to help the believing community find a therapist or a counselor or a life coach that is compatible with the context of their beliefs. When seeking a therapist to work with, you have the right to ask your insurance company to provide you with a Christian mental health provider.

Next month I will give a short definition of each of the three different types of assistance we offer: Licensed life coaching, licensed counseling, and licensed marriage and family therapy.

If you or a loved one is having a difficult time please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the DPER Life Center. (818) 521-6477. We offer affordable counseling. Special rates are available to seniors and participating churches and most insurances are excepted.


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