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By Liz R. Kover
Liz R. Kover 

We give thanks

It's a Dog's Life


• To the supporters, both locally and worldwide, who literally keep us going every day. With financial gifts and morale-boosting messages of appreciation and encouragement, you all keep us moving forward, even on days when it's thoroughly challenging.

• To our dedicated foster families, who open their homes to rescued dogs, who come to them in all conditions, all stages of life, all degrees of health or illness, all breeds and all creeds. Without you, our operation would cease to function as it does; in fact, it would cease to function at all.

• To the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, whose administration and staff have enabled the Pawsitive Change Prison program to grab hold and take flight -- enriching and empowering inmates, and rescued dogs, for whom this program has meant restored honor, healing through the transformative power of the human-canine bond, and second chances at living meaningful lives.

• To the shelter staff and veterinarians who help us to help so many others; precious dogs in emergency situations, who otherwise wouldn't have a shot...but who end up surviving and thriving in their new roles as beloved pets in loving forever homes.

• To the local businesses and organizations -- such as Bakersfield Eye Care, Tahoe Joe's, The Padre Hotel, The Mission at Kern County, Coldwell Banker, The Loop, Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks, Hoffmann Hospice, and so many others – who have hosted adoption events and fundraisers for Marley's Mutts, and given us space to interact with the community in meaningful and productive ways.

• To local teachers and school staff, who have reached out to us for educational presentations and reading events. You've given us the chance to employ our Miracle Mutts Therapy & Education Assistance Dog teams, whose work affects change in the lives of children and adults in countless capacities.

• To our incredible team of MMDR staff and volunteers, without whom we would collapse into oblivion overnight. You are the backbone of this operation. You are selfless and indispensable and crucially important to our success as a well-oiled, life saving machine!

I could go on for pages. And I regret that inevitably, I'm leaving people out. But please understand, our gratitude is endless for each and every person who helps us do what we do and be what we are.

You are Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue!

We are infinitely grateful for YOU. And all of us here at Marley's Mutts wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and blessed Holiday Season!


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