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By Pat Doody 

Stallion Springs family completes largest jigsaw puzzle in the world


Sherri Garrett, Rick Eckel, Malcom Eckel, Mariana Vancil and Corey Eckel.

According to the Guiness Book, Ravensburger's "Wildlife" by Educa is currently the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world. A year ago, a local Stallion Springs group decided to take on the challenge. The group who call themselves the Puzzle Nuts, are made up of Sherri Garrett and her mother Mariana Vancil of Stallion Springs, her brothers Rick Eckel of Washington and Malcolm Eckel of New Jersey and her nephew Corey Eckel of North Carolina. The 18' by 5 1/2 'puzzle of 33,600 pieces was pieced on a table in 10 sections and then mounted on the wall of the Garrett's "puzzle room" on Sept 17. Sherri Garrett said that when the puzzle arrived, it weighed 40 pounds and came in a box with rolling wheels. It took a year to complete although it was not worked on continuously. The result was stunning. Other walls of the room are also covered in puzzles including a previous "world's largest puzzle" with 24,000 pieces. Sherri said that if they do another, it will have to be mounted on the ceiling.


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