By Terri Steinberg

Comfortable at the doctor's office


Have you ever felt special at the doctor’s office? Are there snacks and music, and an aquarium for your viewing pleasure? Is the ambience gentle, and filled with the good memories of the four seasons of Tehachapi? Are you greeted with friendly staff members who like their jobs? And most important, does your provider listen to your concerns?

Dr. Susan Hall, MD and I, Terri Steinberg, FNP, believe the adage, “They don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care”, and caring for our patients is what makes the world go ‘round for us.

Dr. Hall is not your typical physician: She entered medical school at the age of 34, after a successful career in computer technology, traveling the nation, installing and repairing circuit board testing machines. She is a powerhouse in a gentlewoman’s frame, having served as a past Hospital Board member, and as a prior Chief of Staff. She currently serves as Director of the long term care unit at Tehachapi Hospital. She brings a lifetime of experience, both artistic and scientific, while maintaining the human touch in her practice.

I began working with Dr. Hall in 2008. I have worked many other places, as an Air Force RN, Homecare, then as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Public Health and various clinics and hospitals, but nowhere have I seen a purer vision of how primary health care should be delivered. It is calmer, slower paced, and more healing. We are pushing back against the trend that most medical care is going: more visits per hour, less referrals, and $$$$. Maybe one day we will have to conform, but for now, come to the office and be heard. Open Monday through Friday by appointment, and walk in clinic Saturday 9 to 11:30 a.m.


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