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By Marty Pay 

Local Talk Show Host Needs Our Help!


On any given weekday afternoon from 12 to 3 p.m. on 1560 KNZR in Bakersfield, California, a talk show host with a raspy voice bellowing out "God Bless America" can be heard giving us his point of view on a series of issues. Jaz McKay has been a staple of local talk radio for a number of years, but behind that booming voice is a man in trouble who is concerned about his family and what will happen tomorrow.

His lovely bride, Laura McKay, has been diagnosed with end-stage liver disease and has been told she has a year, maybe two at the most, to live! They are both obviously scared but a system in California for Liver transplants has them even more concerned. Her MELD score (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease) while high is not high enough to get a transplant in the great state of California. This system has forced many people to move to other states that have lower MELD scores to get on the list for a transplant. For the McKays that is not an option.

Laura's health concerns have gotten worse this year. She re-injured a back that she broke in a car accident many years ago. She's been in hospitals from Bakersfield to UCLA through the first half of the year. Jaz moved her into a long-term care facility in Bakersfield a few months ago and that seems to be helping for the moment.

Here is where Jaz and Laura can use our help: Costs are climbing and insurance coverage is limited. The facility is well over $2,000 a month. A GoFundMe account has been established ( Please donate if you feel a need to help!

Several businesses in town have cans set up for change of any amount that you can donate: The Shed and Red House BBQ on Tehachapi Blvd (thanks to Mano Lujan); The Dog House Saloon on Tehachapi Blvd and Savanah's on South St (thanks to Cliff Suazo). You can also run by the Farmer's Insurance office at 121 East F St. to make a donation.

This is the kind of cause that Tehachapi is known for embracing, to help our neighbor, especially one that has been so vocal for so many things we believe in.

Marty Pay has been a local Farmers Agent for 36 years, and is also an Instructor at University of Phoenix in Bakersfield. Marty will be moving his Farmers Insurance office in November to 212 West F St., Tehachapi.


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